They explained the process and carried it out to a T. There were no surprises. They even had to go back to my insurance company due to an error in the adjustment and did so without bothering me… they just took care of it. When I got my car back, it looked as good as new. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone needing body work.
Dan C.

The quality of the workmanship was extraordinary. They made what could have been a painful experience into a polite, courteous and professional one. I would recommend this shop.
Dan M.

I took My BMW 650i to Autotech to have extensive body and paint work performed due to an accident. A friend recommended me to this shop because he was really happy with the work on his Mercedes. I am extremely cautious about who works on my car, so I want to go with a recommended shop. Once I spoke with the staff there I could immediately tell I was at the right place, they were highly knowledgeable with BMW’s. And they had a lot of other BMWs & other high-end cars there too. So I was comfortable with leaving my car with them for the repairs. They settled the repairs with my insurance company from start to end and made it very easy. When I picked up my car, I was extremely impressed with the work they did; it looks like it was never in an accident. I would highly recommend this place.
Shawn P.